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Chapter 2. Installation

The following steps will guide through the installation of a Windows AWS Instance containing the AlgoTrader 30-day trial version

  1. Open the Amazon AWS console:

    and Login using the Amazon username and password.

  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen make sure the N. Virginia Region is selected:

  3. Select EC2

  4. Click Launch Instance in the middle of the screen

  5. In the menu on the left-hand side select My AMIs and check Shared with me

  6. Select the AlgoTrader-x.x.x-Trial-WIN-xxxx.xx.xx


    The AlgoTrader-x.x.x-Trial-WIN-xxxx.xx.xx image is only available in the N. Virginia Region but not in any other Regions. It is thus necessary that the N. Virginia Region is selected in the top-right corner of the screen

  7. On the next screen select the Instance Type. We recommend at least instance type t2.medium, ideally instance type m5.large


    Amazon AWS usage cost depends on the instance type selected. For further details, please visit:

  8. Click Review and Launch on the bottom right of the screen

  9. Click Launch on the bottom right of the screen

  10. On the Dialog that shows select Proceed without a key pair, select I acknowledge... and click Launch Instance

  11. Click View Instances on the bottom right of the screen

  12. On the next screen, you can see the Instance starting up. Wait until it is running and note the Public IP address.


    It will take at least 4 minutes for the Instance to startup and become available.

  13. Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to connect to the instance by typing in the Public IP address that was noted in the previous step


    • You need to use Remote Desktop Connection (RDP), a Web Browser will NOT work for this

    • For more information on Remote Desktop Connections please visit: Windows, Mac and Linux

  14. Specify User name and Password that was provided in the Email after signing up for the AlgoTrader free 30-day trial.

  15. On the next dialog select Don't ask... and click Yes

  16. Microsoft Excel is pre-installed on the machine to view the AlgoTrader Excel based Back Test Report. However due to licensing restrictions Microsoft Excel has not been activated yet. If a Microsoft Office license is available, please active Microsoft Excel using the license key. Alternatively, one can request a free 60-day trial through:

  17. Copy the license key that was provided in the Email after signing up for the AlgoTrader free 30-day trial into the file /algotrader-conf/src/main/resources/

  18. The Amazon Instance including AlgoTrader is now ready for usage!


  • Amazon Windows Instances tend to run a bit slow when they are first created. Responsiveness will however increase after some time.

  • The performance of the Amazon Instance also depends on the instance type selected in step 7.