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Chapter 4. Starting AlgoTrader

4.1. Simulation Mode
4.2. Live Trading Mode
4.2.1. Embedded Mode
4.2.2. Distributed Mode
4.3. Server Environment
4.3.1. Embedded Mode
4.3.2. Distributed Mode

To run AlgoTrader in Simulation Mode and perform a back test of a strategy the class ch.algotrader.starter.SimulationStarter has to be invoked. This will run the strategy using the embedded in-memory database h2.

In Eclipse launch configurations named SimulationStarter-simulate-xxx are provided which contain the following items:

To run AlgoTrader in Live Trading Mode the corresponding Broker Interface (e.g. local broker client, Fix session, VPN Connection, etc.) needs to be up and running.

If using InteractiveBrokers the Trader Workstation or the IB Gateway have to be running with the following configurations under API/Settings:

When running AlgoTrader in Live Trading Mode the AlgoTrader Server and the Strategies can either be run in separate JVM's (distributed mode) or the entire system can be run within one single JVM (embedded mode).

Before starting AlgoTrader check the database table strategy. The column AUTO_ACTIVATE should be set to true for records corresponding to the AlgoTrader Server and the selected trading strategy.

AlgoTrader uses Docker for server environment installations.