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Chapter 26. Configuration and Preferences API

26.1. Configuration Files
26.2. Esper Variables

The AlgoTrader Server contains the following two main configuration files. the main public configuration file: contains settings that are only used by the core project:

In addition Broker Interfaces may have their own settings file. for IB and for BB.

Configuration parameters can be changed inside the .properties files. As an alternative configuration parameters can be provided as VM arguments in which case they will overwrite existing parameters inside *.properties files.


Most configuration parameters are prefixed with a namespace (e.g. dataSource, simulation, statement, misc, etc.)

The configuration files are also used to define values for Esper variables. Because the Esper Variable system is strong typed, variables with their type have to be configured within the corresponding Esper configuration files. e.g.

<variable name="simulation_eventsPerDay" type="long"/>