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Chapter 2. Building AlgoTrader

2.1. Command Line
2.1.1. Git Checkout
2.1.2. Maven Build
2.1.3. Docker Build
2.2. Eclipse
2.2.1. Git Checkout
2.2.2. Maven Build
2.2.3. Docker Build

AlgoTrader can be built from its source either via command line or via Eclipse


AlgoTrader based trading strategies can be developed and started without building AlgoTrader first

To build AlgoTrader via command line please perform the following steps.

To build AlgoTrader from within Eclipse please follow this process.

This will result in the following Eclipse projects:

  • algotrader-common

  • algotrader-core

  • algotrader-conf

  • algotrader-launch


The compilation will show errors, which should go away after the next section has been completed.